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The Collier Citizens Council presents The Murray Hendel Civic Achievement Award Honoring 2024 recipient Linda Oberhaus

The Collier Citizens Council is pleased to announce that Linda Oberhaus, CEO of the Shelter for Abused Women & Children, is the winner of this year’s Murray Hendel Civic Achievement Award, given annually for extraordinary contributions to the community. Ms. Oberhaus has over 30 years of professional experience in the human services field. With BS […]

Fire District Consolidation? A Study?

In a 2016 Straw Ballot, County voters authorized a study to determine the benefits of combining all Fire Agencies in unincorporated Collier County into two (2) or one (1). This initiative stalled and the possible benefits for improved medical, rescue and fire performance were not fully assessed. Nor were potential tax reductions from increased efficiencies […]

Would a Chief Resiliency Officer Be Beneficial?

When you talk about resiliency these days, it’s likely you’re referring to the shoreline. That’s certainly the case in Florida, the flattest state in the country with 1,350 miles of coastline and 76% of its residents living in coastal communities. Storms and flooding put up to a trillion dollars of property at risk. Thomas Jeffery […]

Upgrade the Collier County Wastewater Treatment Plants

Oxygen is an essential component of the aquatic environment. The most important measurement of water quality, oxygen indicates a waterbody’s state of health – that is, the ability to support aquatic life. Watersheds with oxygen concentrations of 5 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or higher can support well-balanced, healthy biological communities. Oxygen in the 23 watersheds […]

Best Use of Taxes – Fire District Service

Private companies are in business to sell their products or services, for the benefit of their customers, and also for a profit, for the benefit for their company owners. They compete with each other to that end. This differs from Taxpayer Funded Public Safety organizations, such as local Fire Agencies. Why is it better for […]

Upstream vs. Downstream Water Quality Improvement Projects in Florida – What You Need to Know

“Downstream” water quality improvement projects attempt to mitigate the “impacts” of pollution. This is where most of Florida money is spent to “improve” water quality. Same for Marco Island. Marco water quality improvement projects attempt to treat the impact of pollution, and do not address the root cause. As one example, $17,000,000 for the San […]