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Short Term Home Rentals

Short Term Home Rentals Following the April 9 BCC meeting, the Collier Citizens Council communicated to each Commissioner its opposition to the March 26 resolution for blanket enforcement of a 6 month minimal rental period within unincorporated Collier County. Short term rentals are a complex issue with many apparent and unforeseen outcomes – economic, financial, […]

Letter to County Commissioners about Short Term Rentals

Hon. William McDaniel, Jr., Chair Hon. Andy Solis Hon. Donna Fiala Hon. Burt Saunders Hon. Penny Taylor Dear Chairman McDaniel and Commissioners: On behalf of the  Collier Citizens Council, a coalition of civic and community leaders in Collier County, we respectfully urge you to pause and reconsider your short-term rental policy on property in unincorporated […]

Wanted: Ethical Behavior in Public Service

By Mike Reagen* Seeing Christian Bale’s stunning performance in VICE, the Academy Award-Nominated film, tracking the Vatican Summit, waiting for Mueller’s Report and learning about Florida’s Sunshine Law made me recall Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “I consider ethics, as well as religion, as supplements to law in the government of man.” American Society for Public Administration […]

Public Forum to Clarify the Constitutional Amendments

By Dave Trecker The smoke has finally cleared on the constitutional amendments. After months of agonizing, the courts have whittled down the original 13. By one! That still leaves twelve amendments to bewilder the voters. And it gets worse. Five of the remaining 12 are “bundled,” with two or more unrelated topics combined into a […]

Congratulations Dr. Kamela Patton

Dr. Kamela Patton: Congratulations on your receipt of the Lavan Dukes Data Leader of the Year Award for SWFL School Districts. Your continued excellence in leading our public school system is a source of pride to many of us. We salute your accomplishments. Collier Citizens Council

Congratulations Sgt. Leslie Weidenhammer

Congratulations on being recognized for outstanding work with the specialty courts on the mental health and addiction problems plaguing our community. We are blessed to have diligent and skilled advocates like you working to make life better for all of us. Dave Trecker Collier Citizens Council

Martin Honored for Work with Treatment Courts

By Dave Trecker It remains one of Collier County’s most persistent problems. Mental health and substance abuse affects thousands (the number swollen by the opioid crisis), leads to homelessness and fills our already-crowded jails. Treatment facilities are limited, and halfway houses for those treated and released are woefully inadequate. Qualified caregivers to help with post-discharge […]

The politics of pollution in an election year

By Dave Trecker  It’s election season, and the cause celebre this year — at least in South Florida — is out-of-control algae, algae forming blooms that choke our waterways and the worst red tide in 12 years. Neither of these related problems is new. What’s new is that politicians running for office are being forced […]

Legislature Renews Home Rule Assault

By Paul Feuer and Dave Trecker Is government best when it’s closest to home? The Florida legislature apparently doesn’t think so. It’s continuing its assault on home rule with seven bills this session. (There may be others we missed.) The bills themselves are not earthshaking; one is downright silly. Taken alone, each has little impact. […]