Letter to County Commissioners about Short Term Rentals

Hon. William McDaniel, Jr., Chair
Hon. Andy Solis
Hon. Donna Fiala
Hon. Burt Saunders
Hon. Penny Taylor

Dear Chairman McDaniel and Commissioners:

On behalf of the  Collier Citizens Council, a coalition of civic and community leaders in Collier County, we respectfully urge you to pause and reconsider your short-term rental policy on property in unincorporated Collier County.

Specifically, we ask that you (1) rescind the blanket enforcement of rules that bans owners from renting their homes for less than six months at a time and (2) craft a middle-ground policy that prevents revolving-door misbehavior of daily rentals but infringes less on individual property rights.

But before any new action is taken, we believe a pause is in order. We urge you to take a deliberate approach going forward, with full transparency and input from the community. All stakeholders – homeowners, realtors, hoteliers – should be allowed their say.

We are at an important crossroads, with individual property rights and our important tourist industry and its tax monies at stake.

Respectfully yours,

For the Collier Citizens Council
Ian McKeag
Dave Trecker
Mike Reagen