Short Term Home Rentals

Short Term Home Rentals

Following the April 9 BCC meeting, the Collier Citizens Council communicated to each Commissioner its opposition to the March 26 resolution for blanket enforcement of a 6 month minimal rental period within unincorporated Collier County.

Short term rentals are a complex issue with many apparent and unforeseen outcomes – economic, financial, social and human. Accordingly, this issue warrants deliberation and external assistance (consultants) to estimate all consequences from a wide range of regulatory options.

The relevant TDC packet, ignored by all except dissenting Commissioner McDaniel, provides prudent advice from county counsel for more information, including stakeholder input throughout a long term investigatory process of a “difficult and complex issue, whose current breadth raises numerous hypothetical legal issues…”

Further, we emphasized these compelling considerations

  1. Creates a regulatory hodgepodge ranging from no time regulations on Marco Island to 30 days in the City of Naples to 180 days in unincorporated Collier, overruling the self-governance of innumerable HOAs and Condo Associations.
  2. Impacts negatively economic projections for our pending Sports Complex, creating another competitive disadvantage when teams consider all available Florida venues.
  3. Affects negatively affordable housing, especially for seniors and the economically disadvantaged when home-sharing for 6 months is too long.
  4. Impacts negatively TDT collections and  impairs TDT budgets.
  5. Six (6) month leases will morph to 6 months + 1 day to avoid any TDT taxation, reducing collections of $9 Million annually from realtors and homeowners.
  6. Imposes inequity and taxpayers /property owners will circumvent enforcement because of perceptions of bias and unequal enforcement within the entire county including municipalities.
  7. Instituting good governance requires reflection when listening to individual emotional appeals or else bad policy is the usual result.

Ian McKeag

Collier Citizens Council